Golden Wedding

My sister is married now fifty years

A teacher then in London

Met a Mayo man down there

Cricklewood and Kilburn

Lovely wedding happy day

Friends and family gathered

Lovely meal and music played

Glad to see them tethered


Home they came to Martin’s place

Hoping to get settled

Didn’t work out so back they came

Up north then they fettled

Tricia teaching in a school

Here they’d make their play

Martin found himself a job

As welcome as the flowers in May


Dreams of home they had to stall

Children came along

Two fine boys to educate

Before the Mayo song

Then the long awaited day

Mayo in their sights

Home they came to Westport town

And all west coast delights


Martin is a landscape man

A man who knows the earth

Tricia taught local children

And helped them know their worth

Now the autumn of their days

Safe in Carrabaun

A long day’s journey since that day

On old Crukspullagadaun


Brian Fahy

8 June 2022


+ On August 5th  (1972-2022) my sister Tricia and Martin are 50 years married.


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