A Rise Of Ground

My sister challenged me

To find a rhyme

For a hill that we had climbed one time

Not a mountain like the Reek

So much smaller

A little peak

But small of size

Its name was great

Majestic just to contemplate

As if the world should come and bow

Approach with awe and then kow-tow

This rise of ground

In the Mayo plain

I never did go back again

But I remember the name

How could you forget

It lives inside my old head yet

And the view it gave of Mayo fields

And lakes and distant hills and bields

And then today I saw again

Its name upon a map so plain

And the memory comes flooding back

Of the walk we took along that track

Gently rising to the top

We stood and gazed upon the drop

And saw the fields of old Mayo

Laid out so quietly down below

A peaceful gentle deep green lawn

And we atop



Brian Fahy

8 June 2022

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