Royal Soda

The Queen liked my mother’s soda bread

She had it with her tea one day I know

A recipe from Glencullen and my granny

To London from a home in old Mayo


My mammy watched her mammy make the bread

And made it in her turn in Lancashire

A drop of cold tea was added to the mixture

And we all loved the bread that came to be


My nephew John became a chef and baker

He spent some time with the Royal Family

Working in their kitchens he decided

I’ll give the Queen some soda bread for tea


He’s lived and worked in London and in Windsor

In Sandringham Balmoral for the dance

And John told me the story of my mammy’s soda bread

And how it came a table to enhance


Brian Fahy

3 June 2022


+ My nephew, John, who now runs The Island Bakers in the Isle of Wight, spent some time working for the Royal Family, and introduced the Queen to my mammy’s soda bread.

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