A Lovely Song

‘Doadly shing, mammy? Doadly shing?’

Yes my mother answered me

That was a lovely song

Mammy played her records

Brought back from Ireland

And I a child of maybe two

I liked to sing along


And not just sing

No – recognition too

All important to any child alive

For we are not just self

We are relationship

The message must come back

To give us pride


My grandson emerging out of school

Showed me his proud certificate

And waited for my word

That’s very good I told him

And boldly he replied

My mammy will be so proud of me

I smiled as I remembered

Yes I smiled


Our dearest wish in life

Is to achieve

And in achieving

Be blessed by those around

The final words of Jesus

It is achieved he said

It is achieved

Bowing then his head


Brian Fahy

2 June 2022


My first recorded words in my baby language are ‘doadly shing?’ – A question to my mother asking her if I sang well. Forever after, whenever I did something well my mother would smile at me, and say, ‘Doadly shing, Brian.’ These words have been with me all my life. They express the deepest desire in the human heart, to know did I do well and do you like what I do. Each day of our life we hope to achieve something and to be approved of by those around us. Let each day be a lovely song.

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