Road Of Life

We do not arrive in this world

Ready made

We have to grow and become

What we shall find

As we stumble along

Will add to life’s hidden song


I became trapped

In a system and stalled

I functioned

But I didn’t live

Until a chance meeting

Opened a door

And suddenly

I was alive


Speak for yourself

And learn to say I

And commit to the road

That you find

Something will call you

Something appeals

Respond to that essence



When we are young

The long road ahead

Leads out

Too far to see

Attend to what’s near

Acknowledge your fear

And walk in this world

Open wide


Brian Fahy

4 June 2022


+ When he was a child my son asked me what he would be when he grew up. How to answer this question? In my mind’s eye I saw a long road leading ahead of me. Out in the far distance everything is blurred and unclear, impossible to see. But here at hand everything is close and clear. So walk the road and attend to all that you can see and grasp. As you get older those faraway things will come near to you and then you will know. I gave my son that picture.

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