I wrote a letter to my father

In therapy one time

It brought anger to the surface

I did not know was mine

And then it brought me tears of love

Tears of understanding

And put me right with my father

Once again


A letter never sent you understand

My father dead four years by then

It was written on command

It did me good to write it

To get my feelings clear

And helped me see the way ahead

It brought me to good cheer


A letter to my mother

Much harder then to write

Relationship so different

Complexity to fight

But writing gave my soul release

Untangled many knots

I came to self-possession

The landmark day of lots


And talking to a counsellor

An advocate for us

Experience of freedom

Person you can trust

No longer secrets locked inside

No longer torment hidden

Speak your word in honesty

The word of God as bidden


Brian Fahy

22 May 2022


+ A counsellor who helped me many years ago was trained in a branch of psychotherapy called ‘psycho-synthesis’, a method developed by the Italian, Roberto Assagioli. I found it wonderful.


+ During a difficult part of his life, Father Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, formed a devotion to Our Lady as the ‘Untier of Knots’. So many things inside us can become so entangled that we feel completely knotted inside. Finding someone who helps untie the knots is a great blessing.

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