The Achieve Of

What did he achieve by dying?

What do I achieve now in living?

What is there to achieve?


So much when you are young

And when you’re well

Yes I agree

But if you’re old

And not so well

What then?


Another day of breathing

Better that than leaving

Just to be alive seems good enough


Except when all is done

And day is done

And night creeps on

What am I to do?

What remains?


The same today as every day

It does not change

Though change is all around

Learn to love

And love for all you’re worth

It will fill your soul with joy

Isn’t that enough?


And where can love be found?

Ah yes I thought you’d ask

In the one who died upon a cross so young

And left the task

And asked us to be true

And told it true


When I am lifted up

I will draw all people to myself

And indeed he does

The crucified

Yes what did he achieve?

See for yourself


Brian Fahy

21 May 2022

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