The Slap

You only have to hit someone

To know you should not do it

A teacher slapped me as a child

My mother made her rue it

Do not do to others

What you would not have done to you

A basic simple teaching

You can see that it is true


For you and I are fellows

We feel the same deep hurt

When someone strikes against you

Now a war will start

Its achievement is destruction

Nothing good will come

Avoid even the war of words

Better to keep ‘shtum’


Let all your deeds be positive

All your words affirm

Bring a healing balm

To all that is infirm

Be a power for goodness

Let the other see

You are a disciple of the Lord

Peace then let there be


Brian Fahy

21 May 2022


+ An infant teacher lost her cool one day and came along us children standing in a line at dinnertime and with a ruler slapped every child on the back of the legs. I went home with a red welt mark on my leg, which my mother saw. She went back to the school and told the head teacher to see it never happened again.


Violence of any kind is so completely destructive of all that is good. The first step for peace is ceasefire.

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