Travel Insurance

Two gold coins of Mexico

Found inside a prayer book

Secreted in the spine this long long time

1821 and1947

The latter date the year that I was born


What story would they tell?

These coins this book

A priest maybe in persecution times

Coins to pay his way to safer places

And prayer to pray his way to peaceful climes


We need them both for sure

My conclusion

The means to live a life in troubled times

And courage in the heart

The hope of heaven

A lifeline to the one who feels our pain


Money comes and goes

In boom and bust

Struggle to make ends meet a common theme

And courage too can falter hope grow dim

We need companions

Things that do not fail


So use your money well

Put some by

For the journey you must make day by day

And keep your prayer book handy

That lifeline to the Lord

Together may they bring you safely home


Brian Fahy

15 May 2022


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