Garda Siochana


A quiet strange young man it appears

That English Irishman Patrick Pearse

Caught up in his own dreams

In his own mind

Irish folklore Celtic warriors tall

He will be another Christ

And Easter fall


Impatient of the Saxon and delay

He chose to fight and lose another day

To be taken out and shot in Arbour Hill

To galvanise the people and their will


Oppressive rule as bad as rebel cause

Leads on to death and vicious cruelty

Thirty years of torture Ulster knew

Let present day show us a kinder crew


A failure to communicate he said

Paul Newman as they shot him in the head

The refusal to listen

Or hear what others say

Brings all the world to violence

Can you hear me now! I say


Peacemakers must always work for peace

It doesn’t grow on trees

It needs good care

Respect for friend and foe alike

Dedication to the task

Gandhi King they knew the way

And Christ who died on that Friday

Calls us now to follow him

Yes you – since you ask


Brian Fahy

14 May 2022

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