Tribulation and good courage

The battle of our life

How to live in happiness

In a world of strife

Jesus takes these very words

And speaks of victory

Be of good heart he tells us

It is resolved in me


War in Ukraine disturbing us

God help the people there

Ulster’s constant warring

Tearing out my hair

US and China

Rockets in Korea

Always something somewhere

Sometimes very near


See children in the playground

Playing hand in hand

Making friends in this wide world

Help me understand

Help me find within myself

That bravery of heart

To meet each day as it comes round

And in it play my part


Brian Fahy

13 May 2022


+ My Greek New Testament gives me the words thlipsis- tribulation and Tharseo – be of good courage. Jesus gives us these two words to describe our experience of every day life in this world. It is a battle between tribulation and good courage or good cheer. He recognises the daily battle and urges us to be of good courage – I have overcome the world.


Today I see refugee children from Ukraine playing in the school yard with English children, making friends, learning a new language and growing into their own self confidence again after the trauma of war.


The Lord calls us to be of good courage and good cheer, even as we fight our daily tribulations in life. Have courage. The Lord has conquered all evil.



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