Kiss It Better

Let me kiss it better I said to Noah

And lifting him kissed him on the cheek

Is that okay? I asked

And he pointed to his nose

Kiss that too

And so I did

And that is how life goes


Healing hurts and harm

A vital task

Unattended wounds will fester sore

All life’s traumas injustices attacks

They cripple us disable us

Really set us back

Unless we attend

And mercy pore


The wounds that Jesus bore

The cross the crown

The scourging of his flesh

The doing down

The insults and the jeering

The lying accusation

The suffering that led him to a tomb


All these he bore

And now alive again

He calls us to bring healing to the world

Let all your words be healing words

All your deeds be kind

Pick up the child

And hold the child

And let him know you care for him

In body soul and mind


Brian Fahy

9 May 2022

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