Help is Close at Hand

Mediation taught me

Negatives do not serve

They only serve to provoke

They seek to hit a nerve


We cannot change another person

No matter how we try

Far better to be your own best self

Look people in the eye


Speak a positive intent

Do not accuse the foe

That gives him ammunition

An excuse to just say ‘no’


Bring the warring to an end

Set the goals of peace

Find a way of living

That allows fear to cease


Be the actor in your life

Not the victim now

And pray the Lord to guide you

His help is sure I vow


Brian Fahy

10 May 2022


+ No one will play the game openly and fairly unless they are given some basic respect – even if they do not deserve it. The Lord always respected each person he engaged with, especially his enemies. This basic kindness and openness allows human interaction to happen and progress to be made.


We do not have to like people. We do not have to approve of them or the things they do, but since we have to live in this world together we need to be able to relate at least enough to negotiate terms of peaceful co-existence. Engaging in warring words is a waste of human energy that can be better spent.

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