Small Town

I am glad I lived in Tyldesley

Small coalmining town

Away from the big city

Manchester’s sprawling frown

Cities they devour you

Make you feel so small

But little towns promote you

Help you to walk tall


My cousins lived in Manchester

South side of the place

Didsbury, Chorlton, Wythenshawe

Withington I did grace

But Tyldesley became our settled home

New build so close to fields

Small enough to get to know

The mysteries it yields


The little towns of Lancashire

Mines and cotton mills

Factories and cobbled streets

Early morning chills

Fish and chips and balm cakes

Going to the Flicks

Lanky twang and Irishmen

A happy local mix


A city can make you feel so small

Lost in its long streets

But little towns encourage you

Go out you’re sure to meet

People that you know quite well

And local life is good

I am glad I lived in Tyldesley

A pleasant neighbourhood


Brian Fahy

9 May 2022


+ I love the human size of small towns, like Tyldesley where I spent my childhood days, and here now in Stirling, where I have spent the past 23 years.

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