Daily Bread

White loaves and black burnt crust

Delight of childhood days

The origins of bread

Go back in history’s haze

Soda bread in Ireland

French stick later on

So many breads to choose from now

To base our life upon


It is the very staff of life

We need that daily crust

Basic to our living days

Daily bread a must

All our foods are variable

We take them as we please

But first and foremost give me bread

And put me at my ease


I am the living bread he says

Eat this and you shall live

Energy for living life

Nourishment I give

Give us this day our daily bread

Includes the world in prayer

Let us walk on together

In God’s good and pleasant air


Brian Fahy

5 May 2022


+ The wheat fields of Ukraine and its harvest of grain are now neglected as war rages. The handicapped children are abandoned in a home. All we need for life to be lived well is the simple sharing of daily bread and the simple sharing of loving care.


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