A Local Summit

The bins go out tonight

And so I stepped outside

My neighbour Gerry had the same idea

We always say hello

And compare notes as we go

And so we held our summit there outside


We discussed the dismal nature of the news

The suffering of children left confused

And the nature of dictators all alone

In ivory towers miserable monotone


Discussed our health

Given our old age

And very glad we are to turn a page

Then attended to our duties

With the bins

Recycle Stirling

Avoiding local sins


And tomorrow the UK goes to vote

Local elections

Things of lesser note

Important just the same

Local is the game

Though Putin has the world by the throat


And Ireland is an interesting game

You cannot force an issue

All the same

We grow organically

I help you and you help me

I hope we’ll see the same for Ukraine


Brian Fahy

4 May 2022

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