Known Unto God

A hundred bodies floating in the sea

The sea too rough for rescue


Some make it to the shore

Received most reverently

Lost at sea

The Arandora Star


The man who sank that ship

Gunther Prien

Also died at sea

Off Ireland’s coast

Depth charged to his doom

Death comes far too soon

An end to U-Boat cries

And Hitler’s boast


Meanwhile bodies floating in to land

Are laid to rest on Ireland’s western strand

The Erris coast a body every mile

Most have no name

‘Unknown’ goes on the file


But all have names

And names are written down

On proud memorials

And in a loved one’s heart

And the words of Jesus

Are spoken again today

I shall raise him up

On the last day


Brian Fahy

4 May 2022


+ Great articles on this subject and many more can be found at MAYO.ME, a website of Anthony Hickey, writer and photographer.

The west coast of Ireland receives not only flotsam and jetsam from the sea, but also many bodies from boats lost at sea, especially during the Second World War.

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