The Waste of War

I used to pass a slaughterhouse

On my way to school

Occasionally they let us see inside

A cow lay dead upon the floor

I don’t remember any more

But I grew up eating steak

And salad side


In America I know they have death row

Its very name saddens me to the core

We did away with hanging

Pierrepoint did no more

Ruth Ellis wasn’t saved though

She added to the score


We thought we’d done away with war

On our little island home

Ran films to bask in glory

Of how we beat the Hun

And then came 9/11

And George Strutting Bush

And the need to be seen to be doing something

Terrible terrible hush


We are dealing with dictators

Whose world is one of fear

Not just the fear that they impose

But the fear they feel so near

If you insist on force of arms

To keep you in your job

You’ll never have a peaceful night

Though no doubt you’ll earn a bob


Putin is a frightened man

Though he wishes to be strong

Launching missiles at innocents

Saying they are wrong

But there’ll be a day of judgement

We face what we have done

We can no more hide from the truth of God

Than from the rising sun


Brian Fahy

29 April 2022


+ Violence is a form of language, of communication: The worst kind. Our response in words will document truthfully what has happened, and we will speak words that ask for peace. We already understand why this war is happening. Putin feels threatened. How can we change that? – Through diplomacy and dialogue: The only way.

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