Letting Go

John 21:18


In the end we all have to let go

Let go what we hold dear

Just let go

It happened first when my father died

I burst into tears

My first great loss of any kind

Now so many years


The Lord tells Peter

One day you will know

The feeling I am telling you

When you just have to let go

Gone your strength of early days

Going your own way

That day will come

When another one will

Lead you another way


My mammy often quoted this

It seemed to speak to her

She nursed so many in her time

Through age and frailty

She knew the same would come to her

Long life her destiny

Confined to bed she patiently

Awaited what would be


I hope the Lord will give to you

And also give to me

The grace of letting go somehow

And somehow gracefully

The aches and pains the slowing down

Prepare us for that road

Help us, O Lord, to follow you

It leads to your abode


Brian Fahy

29 April 2022

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