Acts: 5:34-42


To the powers that be

The issue was a simple one

This new movement threatens the status quo

Threatens the established way of things

Threatens their own power don’t you know


So flog them beat them threaten them with death

Let them see who rules the roost round here

Powerful men must make their power well felt

If not the world may change and that they fear


But Gamaliel a wise man of the Law

A teacher and a thinker in his day

Stood up and gave a warning

A gentle word of warning

Be careful how you use your power

Be careful in this play


We have seen how others came and went

Powerful for a day and then their spirit spent

But if this movement be of God be warned

Better let this be or you’ll be harmed


We need Gamaliel now and every day

The people who pause and think and pray

The people who can see far down the line

And save us from our foolishness

To which passions now incline


Brian Fahy

29 April 2022


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