Self Possession

If I was a dictator I’d be scared

Rule by fear and you end up afraid

Stalin purged his rivals and his people

Died alone – to see him no one dared


If I was Putin and saw the West arrayed

With freedom talk and missiles pointing east

I too would feel alarm my spirit frayed

I’d fear the future to say the very least


We are dealing with a man who’s on the edge

Who threatens fierce revenge if we move in

And fighting talk might satisfy a crowd

But more of that would really be a sin


All efforts must be brought to end this war

To offer dialogue start table talk

The table is big enough a lonely man sits there

Be better if we all went for a walk


Brian Fahy

28 April 2022


+ The example of Jesus in meeting with his foes is the great example to follow in all our dealings, personal or international politics. He spoke with everyone who came to him. He argued with many but he never insulted anyone. Those who said dishonest things he never honoured with a reply. His ability to stand his ground and face difficult people is the example we can learn and follow. To stay in possession of your self in the midst of stress and argument is a great grace. Much needed in these difficult times.

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