The Ways of Peace

Do you want us to call down fire from heaven?

The disciples asked the Lord

A nuclear strike so long ago

We will – just say the word

But the Lord rebuked their fiery ways

A Samaritan village spared

They went off to another town

Yet their fighting spirit dared


In County Mayo long ago

Another feud set in

A landlord’s bailiff Boycott

Called the troopers in

A harvest for collecting

The locals would not play

They cut him dead

Nothing was said

And Boycott went away


Relationship is what we need

The life-blood of our days

And if we will not play the game

We enter another phase

Have nothing more to do with him

Leave him in his juice

Eventually the world will see

The man is of no use


Brian Fahy

25 April 2022


+ We cannot change Russia. We can only change ourselves. If our ways are less threatening (Nato) that will improve things. Nato looks very threatening to Putin because he has seen all former Soviet satellites join the West. Fear is the ruling emotion in Russia. Fear has been the ruling emotion in the ‘free’ world since 1945. Fear cripples people, and it destroys our ability to live calmly.


If persuasion does not work, then the Lord’s advice is to have nothing more to do with people. Leave them be, to discover for themselves that life without relationship is dead. The people of Ballinrobe followed this advice in 1880 and the land agent Captain Boycott was compelled to leave.

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