Life Lessons

Peter comes across as big and bold

A no nonsense type of guy

Do as you’re told

Quick to speak his mind

Or take offense

Quick to use his sword

In his defence


Jesus saw the qualities in the man

And called him Rock

Steady in the van

A church to be built on him

And it was no whim

Solid as a rock

One who can


And yet Peter had a lot yet still to learn

The way to peace that leads through suffering

The weakness that was found

When a simple girl looked round

And asked are you a friend to him


And seeing how his master took the road

Carrying a cross a heavy load

How patient in his suffering and death

How strong his cry with his dying breath

How quietly upon that Easter morn

The life returned that others had so scorned

He learned a way of life that he must live

For ever after and example give


And so today we see his words writ down

Wrap yourselves in humility each one

And live a life of service to the one

Who lived and died and rose that we might see

The loveliness of life and liberty


Brian Fahy

25 April 2022

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