Southern Shores

There’s a loveliness about living on an island

A cosy home wrapped around by sea

The British Isles and Ireland

Off shore paradise

Green and pleasant land

You will agree


Amazing that we became world power

An empire we ruled from sea to sea

But powerful days are over

And that’s no sad demise

It’s influence you need

Believe you me


And influence can only come from good

From care you show to others now in need

And if they cross the sea to us

And land upon our shore

A welcome we should give them

And then oh so much more


Brian Fahy

24 April 2022


+ An expert in migrant studies, Guy Goodwin-Gill, has written a letter to the Guardian, (Thursday 21 April)in which he lays out the clear procedures for responding to the migrant crisis on our shores. It does not involve transporting people to Rwanda.


1.   Accept responsibility for the people.

2.   Cooperate with France and EU countries to provide protection for refugees.

3.   Work with source countries to assist in refugees being able to return safely.

4.   Set up an agency independent of government to deal with the issue.

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