Lately Dead

Every Sunday morning in the old days

The priest got in the pulpit gospel read

He then read out a list of names

Of all the lately dead

And then the sick who were at home

All the names were read

And we sat there and we listened

As sick and dead were named

And we prayed for them together

They were family and they were friends


This was the world we lived in

The people there at Mass

And those on that list the priest read out

The sick and those now passed

And naming them was powerful

It brought them to our mind

And helped us feel the togetherness

And helped us to be kind


And every morning here at home

When breakfast time is done

I go to Mid West Radio

Where the obituaries are run

And there I sit and read the names

And see where they were from

And if I ever knew the place

Passed through it on a run


It helps me keep that feeling

Of parish life gone by

When the news concerning others

(Are they sick or did they die?)

Was shared among parishioners

At Sunday Mass to pray

A reminder that your own turn

Will come along some day


Brian Fahy

25 April 2022

+ It was a formula recited every week. Your prayers are requested for the following who are sick…for the following lately dead…and for the following whose anniversaries occur about this time…Precious loved ones always remembered.

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