Doubting Thomas

John 20:19-31


Two men crossing a desert

One says to the other

Is that a mirage…

Or am I seeing things?


And were they Irishmen?

I can’t remember

But I remember the joke

And I like it


And today the disciples are seeing things

Jesus and not a ghost

But Thomas is having none of it

Why should he!

Dead people do not rise again


And he is very definite in his unbelief

Show me his hands and feet

Show me his side

When I see that then I will decide


And so it comes about

And Thomas sees

And loses doubt

And falls upon his knees


We see with eyes of faith

Of understanding

We see because our ears have heard the news

We see because we think about these things

We see because they told us the good news


My mother told me first

With love’s embrace

My father by the goodness of his life

School and church answered to my thirst

My parish too examples all of faith


And so I see and know and I am glad

The Lord is truly risen as he said

And no it’s not a mirage that I see

It’s something more

A marvellous mystery


Brian Fahy

23 April 2022

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