The Appearances of Jesus

Mark 16:9-15


Every day we hear the daily news

We feed on it for breakfast dinner tea

It’s wearisome dispiriting

Casts a gloomy pall

Better if we didn’t listen

Heed it not at all


But ignored won’t make it go away

There’s war out there

Ignorance at play

And broken-hearted people

Living in the dark

Next door right beside us

Evil makes its mark


So Easter sends us out to bring good news

News about a death that did not end

In misery and brokenness

But in a morning light

A rising from the grave

A never failing light


This is no easy fix no magic wand

No happy clappy close your eyes and wish

No this a Via Crucis

To find the crucified

Not strung out on a cross

But very much alive


Take the cross now every day

Take it on your shoulder

Walk the road as Jesus did

Find your step now bolder

Lift your head above the maul

See your goal in sight

Not the end of everything

But love and love’s delight


Brian Fahy

23 April 2022


+ The Christian Gospel is no easy fix for the troubles of life. It is a real facing of trouble. It is the path already walked ahead of us by the Lord. It is a Via Crucis that leads us to life’s fulfilment.

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