Walking the Road


If some one told you the story of your life

It would be very different from the one you tell yourself

They see with other eyes another point of view

You see with inner feeling you know what it cost you


Early days are hopeful the sun often shines

Early expectations pave the way

Then comes youthful torment neither child nor grown

The world is all confusion every day


Disciples to Emmaus joined upon the road

Tell their tale of sorrow to a stranger

Our own hope had been – there’s an epitaph!

They never saw it coming not the danger


The Christ he had to suffer the stranger then explains

It’s written in the Scripture plain to see

It’s written in the everyday the sorrow and the pain

No one gets to live scot free no not you not me


It’s only at the end of life we fully understand

Something that my mother said to me

And she was 94 a lot of learning there

We’ll get there in the end just you see


Brian Fahy

20 April 2022

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