You lose the common touch when at the top

The captain in his quarters

The crew all down below

The garden of Number 10 like the crow’s nest

So high and mighty they will never know


And this is the engine of the country

The workplace where great thoughts are begun

So cheese and wine is normal when we gather

We’re working hard until the setting sun


I can see how it happens we’re only human

Give it another name it will pass go

Covid is bad enough already

Where’s the harm in ‘dwinkies’ I’ll have you know


It seems too little to really make a fuss about

The dwinkies and the parties mean no harm

It’s the presumption that it shows that’s what’s upsetting

We’re above the common herd that’s the alarm


Lots of folk like Boris that’s the issue

He plays fast and loose but they don’t care

He’s a nice lad underneath when you get to know him

He brings a touch of humour to stale air


It’s all a game to him the game of life

Just like schooldays it goes on and on

Striding the world like a colossus

I really think we’ll miss him when he’s gone


Brian Fahy

19 April 2022

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