Shared Life


A decent man indeed was Gorbachev

You could see it in his face his honest soul

He wanted the top job to do some good

Glasnost perestroika on a role


Overtaken by events he then resigned

And earned a pretty penny out on tour

A philosophy of openness and kind

A better time we had with him in power


Putin I hoped might be the same

But he was KGB different game

His enemies are poisoned put in jail

Shot on the street and nobody to wail


He speaks like a bully and a boss

And Russia needed sorting that is true

Chaos followed communism’s loss

In came the policeman watch it you!


Autocrats dictators lose the plot

They heed no counsel do it on their own

Even God is a blessed trinity

Life is communion not a throne


Brian Fahy

20 April 2022

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