What I Have I Give

What I have I give you

Said Peter to the man

Who lay a cripple by the Beautiful Gate

Silver and gold I do not have

But what I have I give

In the name of Jesus Christ arise and walk


My father had no choice about his life

After school at 14 down the pit

He escaped into the army

Six happy years he spent

And then no choice a war broke out

So that’s where his youth went


Demobbed and married

Where to find a job

Back down the pit

His brothers earned a bob

And there he worked

Shovelling coal by day

No one sees their hardship

It’s just the way


At 45 his health broke down

Coalminers’ disease

Pneumoconiosis if you please

A strong young man

Reduced to frailty

A spiritual struggle

Unemployed you see


In later days a fine contented man

Wanted to give me money

Now that he can

I’m okay pop I never could repay

The life you lived for me

That’s what I say


Silver and gold

You did not have

But what you had you gave

A father’s love and shelter

And mammy she would save

You worked so hard and did your best

At everything you tried

Today now I remember it

And say it now with pride


Brian Fahy

20 April 2022

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