Yellow Heads

My neighbour across the road

A gardener fine

His garden back and front

Surpasses mine

For he has been a gardener

All his days

He knows his plants and shrubs

Their many ways


And here today in springtime’s

Warm sunshine

A bank of yellow daffodils

So fine

I thank him for this ever-changing view

Of flowers and colours

Sights I never knew


His lawn too is like

A bowling green

Cut so close the bowl

Would roll serene

And edges sharp cut down

To coal black soil

The wayward shot would find

Its earthly foil


Today I sat and saw

The daffodils

Swaying in the breeze

A springtime chill

Alas for Dougie looking

Across at me

The yellow heads of dandelion

I’m afraid is all he’ll see


Brian Fahy

18 April 2022

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