You would think educated people

Would have more bloody sense

Than to start a war destroying things

And shedding blood and losing limbs

And causing mayhem and other things

And seeing women and children die

And soldiers loose to rape and steal

And all for what? For crowd appeal?

For what we call security

Because we fear what now might be

The future our uncertainty

The other intent upon our fall

So let’s strike first surprise them all

And carry on until we’re done

Or some convenient thing comes along

Some excuse to call ceasefire

And hope the other will just retire

And some look on I’m sure with glee

Let them destroy themselves you’ll see

And play into our hands and know

This is the way all kingdoms go

When we have lost whatever sense

Was ours before this extravagance

O Lord have mercy help us end

This cruel war and so befriend

Our better selves and find your grace

To restore again the human race


Brian Fahy

18 April 2022

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