What’s The Story

Fake News is told on Easter Day

Two stories from the tomb break out that day

The women with their spices meet the Lord

The soldiers in confusion spike the word


The Lord appears the women cry for joy

Go tell my brothers – the word they must employ

But soldiers meanwhile fearing dereliction

Report their story and soon it is a fiction


My life too can carry two such stories

One true one false it depends on chosen glories

Live my life in service of the Master

Or follow self and find my own disaster


The world needs words of life in every corner

The deeds of death are swirling ever nearer

Let my life speak Gospel to my neighbour

Let this word of life be all my labour


Be prepared to face the day of sorrow

But live in joy for yes there is tomorrow

And Christ who died now shows us how to live

I vow myself to him and all I give


Brian Fahy

18 April 2022

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