What To Do

War has never stopped

Remember that

1945 did not bring peace

It left us poverty and pain

And great mistrust

The Cold War came

Before the settled dust


McCarthy witch-hunts

Then came Vietnam

And proxy wars

US shenanigans

The age of spies

Governments overthrown

El Salvador and Chile

Lands forlorn


US/Russia stand-off

All these years

We played at James Bond

Forgive my jeers

We never tried to even understand

We just knew fear

And fear rules the land


This war now gives us

Time to educate

Help Ukraine of course

But do not exacerbate

Realise how little we have done

To bring the world to peace

And leave the gun


The wounded Lord had wounds

When he rose again

His hands and side were marked

To show his pain

What we go through

A wisdom now it brings

Rise from this mess

And find the song to sing


Brian Fahy

16 April 2022


+ As Putin is wrong to invade in Ukraine, so were we in Iraq. Like Putin, we felt a threat to security and that was our permission to strike. Putin is wrong and so were we. We do not have to agree with him, but we do need to understand what motivates him. He is no more a monster than we are.

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