Done With Death

Here endeth the lesson

They might have said

On closing up the tomb

Enclosed the dead

Here put to sleep

Shut up and rendered dumb

The lovely life

The word of kingdom come


Here darkness reigns supreme

The world outside

Pays no attention

Lives in its own pride

And on a slab of stone

A body cold

Spices and a shroud

The story told


His was a voice

It drew the crowds so near

His was a touch

To heal what we hold dear

In his eyes

The truth was plainly seen

Now crucified

Was it all a dream?


A woman holds a picture of her son

Tortured murdered

Brains blown with a gun

Mary at the cross I see the pain

Tears run down

I’ll never weep again


Then out from darkened rock

The Lord of light

Rises from the terrors of the night

I close my eyes in sleep

Expecting dawn

It surely comes

As true as Easter morn


Brian Fahy

16 April 2022

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