At The Tomb

After the funeral

I got a taxi home

All the folk had gone away

I was left alone

I feared the lonely moment

Of opening the door

Knowing as I stepped inside

You are here no more


I felt the warm air straightaway

The welcome of my home

The place we shared contentedly

No more need to roam

But now no one to share it with

What am I to do?

How to live to carry on

A life now without you


I plumbed the depths of sadness

Sorrow darkness too

Felt like giving up

Nothing more to do

But I came to resurrection

I found myself anew

My spirit now is soaring

I thank my God and you


Brian Fahy

16 April 2022


+ Resurrection does not only occur at death. We die inside many times while we live this mortal life, and new life can happen for us. Holy Saturday is a day of silence for all who follow the Lord. We contemplate the silence of the tomb. No word is spoken in the Church this day. My thoughts turned to the day of Margaret’s funeral and how I feared returning to an empty house.


Days of sadness were followed by days of struggle and then by days of deep darkness, even into depression. But life returned to my soul and spirit. Tablets calmed me. Counselling brought me back to life. I was blessed with grandchildren and now I am back writing with lively spirit every day.


Whoever reads this, I wish you a deepening of faith in the Lord and the blessing of Easter life.

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