Quod Scripsi, Scripsi

He was the only one to treat him with respect

The others came to make him do their will

He the Governor he the one with power

Faced by a mob this would be their hour


The object of their hatred was brought in

And stood before him quiet calm within

And when he spoke he clearly was a man

Of dignity nobility a king


And Pilate warmed to see this potentate

A man of inner power inner strength

This was no fool imposter or ingrate

To meet this man I would walk the length


He yielded to the crowd they had their way

But Pilate was not taken for a fool

He made sure that he had the last say

A notice nailed up high to run the rule


‘Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews’

They did not like it came back to complain

What I have written I have written – so

Like it or lump it – it is written plain


Brian Fahy

15 April 2022

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