Words from the Cross

They are so oppressed and we are free

That’s how we see our world our history

We are the good guys don’t you know

They are bad lost in ice and snow


Chinese are very foreign very strange

Up to now they have been out of range

Now they are on the rise their day has come

US power sees a setting sun


Russia suffered most last time round

Millions died on their sacred ground

All trust was gone only power will do

Build a wall control is with a few


The world’s policeman paid in blood and gold

US soldiers’ names are written bold

It’s time the old world came and met the new

Every nation we all have work to do


Every place has border issues too

And mixed constituents adding to the brew

Northern Ireland one slow suicide

Now the world indulges fratricide


Do good to those who hate you says the Lord

Advice we now regard as a dead word

It isn’t dead it just has not been tried

Listen again today to the one who died


Work to bring the fighting to an end

Then the work begins to make a friend

The never-ending work of making peace

Noble work to do that wars may cease


Brian Fahy

15 April 2022

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