Jesus in Straide

Someone told me a story today

And told it very well

He made it come alive for me

Though a sad story to tell


A story about a passion

Suffered on a cross

About a man a lovely man

And about this world’s loss


I heard the rumbling of a crowd

I heard a Roman speak

I heard a man condemned to death

In this called Holy Week


I listened all attention

Although I’ve heard before

But this was told with vividness

His bare feet on the floor


This was drama theatre

The story come alive

And I was wrapt attention

Not any old nine to five


The Gospel was proclaimed today

I am glad that I was there

In a village church in Straide

In the clear Mayo air


Brian Fahy

15 April 2022


+ On today I stumbled accidentally onto the website for Straide in County Mayo, a place I know well, and found Father John Cunnningham telling the story of the Passion from memory. He stood there in a white robe and bare feet and told me a wonderful story. Today I did not stand to hear the Gospel read. I sat and listened as the story was proclaimed to me. I am very grateful for the experience.


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