Greek Tragedy and the Present Crisis


I recommend the article listed here below.


American Committee for US – Russia Accord


Nicolai N Petro: Tragedy, Dialogue and Politics:

Applying Tragedy’s Therapy to Russian Relations

with the West


December 22 2020


In this article the author, Nicolai Petro tells us that we see tragedy as a sad event over which we have no control. By contrast the ancient Greeks saw tragedy as something that we human beings create by virtue of our own obtuseness. We are not helpless in the face of tragedy. We can do many things to mitigate its power over us. This Greek understanding of what tragedy is restores human agency to politics. We can do something about it.


The article goes on to show how tragedy is a prompt to begin a dialogue, to examine self, to develop a genuine relationship, make new social institutions in which all parties have a stake.


Ukraine needs its own internal dialogue for renewal of itself. Ukraine and Russia need a new relationship to be made. The West has a great deal to do by way of self-examination and a new relationship with Russia.


We are not bystanders to someone else’s problem. We are not mere observers of something happening in a far away country. Our ways and our mentalities and attitudes towards the wider world are all involved in the present tragedy, and require renewal on our part.


I recommend this thinker to your attention as he has just come to mine.


Brian Fahy

14 April 2022


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