Addressing Human Tragedy

Real men in the real world are secular humanists

Religion just plays games to just feel safe

This is the modern ‘real world’ view

Religion has nothing to say to you

Well I’m sorry but you’re wrong

Completely wrong


We are dealing with the matter of being human

We all have things to see and things to say

The resolving of our problems needs all that we can bring

Our study and our thinking and our prayerful pondering


No one is excluded from our talk

We learn from one another

Just as we learn to walk

And everyone has something good to bring

To help us understand the tragic thing

That we are never far from war

From violence and fighting

That leave the painful scar


The demons that bedevil us today

We can’t communicate we’ve lost the way

We have no legal framework that we share

And shared values are lost in the thin air


We need to build relationships that last

With everyone not just some

As in the past

Logos means relationship

This is what we need

Beginning with our selves

That’s where we bleed


The West is not the world

We need to learn that

And no one will kow-tow to what we say

This war involves us now

We need to learn and how

The goodie/baddie mind-set will not do


We must purify ourselves before we meet

Admit our blindness

Walk a different street

This tragedy involves us all

It’s not a minor skirmish that will fall

Like Bartimaeus sitting by the road

Lord let me see again

Relieve our load


Brian Fahy

14 April 2022


+ I feel moved every day to try and understand better what is going on in this present war and struggle. Today I have come across a teacher and speaker who impresses me greatly. He is Nicolai N. Petro. He is a professor of Political Science at the University of Rhode Island, USA. He uses the insights of religion and Greek Tragedy to help us understand and interpret the human struggle.


+ I also saw today an item about the village of Breaffy in County Mayo. In the old days there were just four public buildings there – the school, the post office, the pub and the church – or as a local lady put it – education, communication, damnation and salvation.


Perhaps we could say that the pub stands for socialisation these days, and say that these four elements are needed wherever human beings congregate – the need to learn, to communicate well, to live peaceably together and to seek God’s help in all we do.


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