Nanna’s Apple Pie

Why apple pie?

Apple pie and custard

Why apple pie?

The most joyous thing that I can have

The root of all my happiness

Be good to me

Why then it’s apple pie


Because my Nanna made it

That is why

My father’s mother

Knew we’d be coming by

And Sunday afternoon

The pastry cook in tune

Greeted me with smiles and apple pie


Tomorrow I go again to shop

I write my list

The things I fancy most

And most of all is apple pie

I stop and I remember why

Oh Nanna

What a Nanna what a host


Ten was all I was when she died

Too young to know

I guess my father cried

But her face I remember

Her warmth and her embrace

These things remain

Along with apple pie


Brian Fahy

10 April 2022

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