What did World War Two achieve?

The death of millions

Millions left to grieve

Blood on desert sand

Germany’s last stand

Britain’s victory

Who do you deceive?


War in Vietnam – what goes on there?

Body bags come home

US Air

Proxy wars around the globe

US wears the victor’s robe

Now another war – who will dare?


The need to understand is paramount

Ignorance of each other

Leads to all the bother

Mount the offensive now



No need now to agree

Just understand

See what the other sees

From where he stands

And speak your truth with honesty

And give the other space

Time to think to move

And be without disgrace


Brian Fahy

10 April 2022


+ My experience working as a mediator brought me to see at close quarters how the emotional suffering of parties in a dispute benefitted from the impartial role of a third party. We cannot make everything in the garden rosy again, but we can all move forward with agreements that proffer respect to parties and which allow human dignity to remain. It requires a positive commitment from all sides.

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