A Little History


I remember the Coronation of the Queen

I a child in school in ‘53

I learned about the Empire

And the Union Jack

And then about the war

Thank God my dad came back


I heard about the colonies

And the Commonwealth

How England was a mighty power

And yes the National Health

But everything was American

From comics to TV

The cinema was Westerns

John Wayne Elvis Presley


We prayed for Russia after Mass

It seemed a fearful place

And Stalin we called Uncle Joe

It suited us I guess

The man he was a monster

But there were other fish to fry

A man called Adolf Hitler

More important that he die


And all my life the Cold War

The time for East/West spies

Len Deighton and Le Carre

And James Bond fantasies

And then the Berlin Wall came down

Really can it be true

The Soviet is finished?

A strange how do you do


America all powerful

In the hands of fools

Went to war wherever

We have got the tools

Then came 9/11

Bitter history

Then came the Revenge

Twisted hostility


Now the present warfare

Fuelled of course by fear

East and West at loggerheads

Nothing changes dear

Except the need the stop the war

Bring parties to a table

And find a way to live in peace

At least for that we’re able


Brian Fahy

9 April 2022


+ No country is without blame for wrongdoing. We are all sinners. It is good to acknowledge that and to be able to admit one’s faults.

When we have a clear enemy it is easy of course to point the finger of blame at them. It is a mutual game we play. We see the faults of Russia clearly. They are clear to see. We forget the faults of western powers these past fifty years. It suits us to do so. Our first item of business is to stop this war.

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