The Passion

The Gospels are at pains to tell the story

The Passion – the climax of his life

All the details are gathered there

From supper table and anxious air

To Calvary the tomb the end of strife


This week we re-enact the tension building

The planning of his foes his quiet days

The conflicts in the Temple

His answers pure and simple

The coming darkness and the murderous craze


The table talk the going to Gethsemane

The agony sheer terror of the night

The coming of the swords and clubs

To rub him out aye that’s the nub

Their fear his utter calmness at the sight


Now begins abuse and battery

Insults lies interrogation time

Mocked by Herod sent to Pilate’s court

His earthly life about to be cut short

His goodness and his love his only crime


The meeting with the Roman man to man

The honest man before the court of law

Pilate tries to parley tries to bargain too

Manipulated skilfully whatever he tries to do

Finally washes his hands I’ve seen it all


The Passion is the story of our life

The struggle of good and evil every day

The use of cruel force

And lies our great recourse

The things we do to try and get our way


The Lord who died on Calvary now lives

His power to save us absolute and true

We seek his help each day

He urges us to pray

His grace is strength enough to see us through


Brian Fahy

9 April 2022

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