Palm Sunday

Re-enact the scene

Make it vivid now

The Master on the donkey

Palms strewn anyhow

Shouts of acclamation

See the saviour come

Greater than any conqueror

Humbly to his home


Now look at Ukraine

Blasted from the earth

Rocket fire and human blood

Is this what we are worth?

The solution is to kill someone

So Caiaphas decreed

And Jesus paid the penalty

Now Putin’s evil deed


This is the week of suffering

The crowds will line the street

A cross is borne to Calvary

Where love and cruelty meet

And people die for nothing

Blasted from our sight

And powerful men feel nothing

Yet are fearful that they might


If you keep on fighting

You can kid yourself

I am doing what is right

Don’t listen to anything else

But once you stop and look around

At the damage you can see

You’ll bend the knee at Calvary

Have mercy, Lord, on me


Brian Fahy

9 April 2022

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