Jan Hoch

He lost all his family

In the Holocaust

Parents siblings cousins

Everyone was lost

Murdered by the Germans

Nazi hating Jew

Jan was left with nothing

What was he to do?


He fought for home and country

Charged a machine gun nest

On the German border

Medal on his chest

Changed his name found a wife

Made a family

Replacing the one that he had lost

Back in the old country


Completely independent man

Couldn’t work with men

Found them too independent

Like himself I reckon

His daughter said about him

It was her father’s creed

Everyone must fend for self

A sad belief indeed


Brian Fahy

8 April 2022


+ I watched a programme about Robert Maxwell last night. Fascinating how the key to our personality is often to be found in our childhood and youth. Losing his entire family to the Holocaust pitted Maxwell on his own against the cruel world. His independent determination to succeed often displayed itself in bullying of his own children as well as the wider world. If war had not happened how different life would have been for Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch. (1923-1991)



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