The Very Hour

John 4:43-54


The word flies faster than my feet

It is home before me now and all is well

The power to heal came to my son

And I with nowhere else to turn

Find my son is cured and so I tell


I asked the man to come but he stayed there

Telling me go home your son will live

But what about his healing touch

I came to get at least that much

It seemed his word was all that he would give


I journeyed back not knowing what I would find

Hoping trusting yet unsure inside

Would my son be dead when I arrived?

Or would the word he spoke be realised?

And all my worries now be cast aside


Your son got well at one o’clock they said

The very time that I met him to plead

The very time he said his word to me

And sent me on my way assuring me

All will be well that is all you need


I come today before the Lord and say

I too need healing stayed too long away

Believe – the thing the Lord now asks of me

Give me your trust and surely you will see

All will be well let you be on your way


Brian Fahy

28 March 2022

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