A Child In My Arms

He laid my grandson in my arms

Just as his mum laid him

Here’s your son look after him

Not just now but always

Your life has changed

You’re now a dad

It doesn’t get any better

Cradle this child and love him

Forever and a day

Do not let hurt or harm

Afflict him in any way


This is my son the beloved

My favour rests on him

He comes from you

But he’s not you

Relationship unique

The ties that bind invisible

Ties that never break


Watch him grow

And go away

Watch him find his life

Watch him and the friends he makes

Watch him find a wife

And now with children of his own

They come to visit you

And lay a grandson in your arms

Really can it be true


Did nothing to deserve it

A gift that came my way

Now here I am a granddad

With boys who come to play

Water balloons they play with me

Choccy buttons too

And Maggie smiles at me today

See what I did to you!


Brian Fahy

28 March 2022

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